When calls the hard-on!

When calls the erection!

“I actually like The Hallmark Channel,” told Gia Francesca, a 42-year-old cougar from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Hallmark Channel…as in Hallmark greeting cards. Plenty of enchanting romance and family ram. That just goes to expose u that Gia has a squashy spot. And here, her ladies man, Tyler, has a inflexible spot. Or a boner. We do not think The Hallmark Channel is for him.

There is no romance in this scene. There is Gia mouthing wang. There is Tyler playing with Gia’s good boobs. There is Gia getting her curly cunt screwed. And there’s Gia opening her throat for cum.

Hallmark Channel, eh?

“I am open-minded about a guy’s looks and even his age,” Gia told. “I go far more for what’s in their heart and I at least hope they have a wonderful head on their shoulders.”

Did this babe say “heart” or “hard-on”? We think that babe said “heart.” We’ve worthwhile hearts. At least we think we do. We too have hard-ons.

At this point, u might be wondering, “How did Gia identify her way to 40SomethingMag.com? Is this actually the place for her?” She’s not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. She says her family and friends would be very surprised to see her here. But get this: That babe detected us! And this babe wasn’t looking for The Hallmark Channel!

“This might sound boring, but I’m actually just a basic goddess,” Gia said. “I do not need everything avid. Just a man savouring himself with me and me with him.”

And that is what happens here.

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