A real mother-daughter team

<b>A real mother-daughter team</b>” title=”<b>A real mother-daughter team</b>” src=”https://www.hotsexymoms.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/veronica-vaughn-a-real-mother-daughter-team.jpg” /></a> </p>
<p class=We have had mothers and their daughters in our studio, but never love this. Vikki Vaughn, 65 and her daughter, Veronica, Fourty nine, love to screw on-camera, and the merely question is, who’s wilder, Mamma or daughter? U resolve.

40SOMETHING: Tell us a little bit about yourselves, ladies.
VIKKI: We’re plenty of enjoyment.
VERONICA: We’re a real mother-daughter porn team.
VIKKI: I’ve no idea if it is a team.
VERONICA: I guess this babe kind of got thrown into it for her 1st scene. We were doing the same dude together, so that was pleasure.
40SOMETHING: Did that ever happen in advance of u got into porn?
VIKKI: No, but she had some good-looking, hot boyfriends. They’d come to pick her up and I’d say, “Give me a second and I’ll get my purse. She is not here.”
VERONICA: I can not leave the room if I’ve a boy there coz she’ll take advantage of him. She is already got her face hole on his 10-Pounder.
40SOMETHING: Was this during the time that u were growing up?
VERONICA: No, this was recently.
VIKKI: No. It was not her boyfriend. It was anybody this babe was going out with.
VERONICA: That babe gave him a oral sex. She got worse with the other one. That babe was on his lap when I came back. The merely thing I saw was her booty flapping on top of him
VIKKI: Well, it wasn’t a serious relationship or anything.
VERONICA: That babe is marvelous adventurous.
40SOMETHING: How does that begin, that you end up giving your daughter’s boyfriends head?
VIKKI: Either when they call or I open the door. I’ll say, “Hi,” and they’ll say, “Is this Veronica?” and I’ll say, “No, this is her Mamma, Vikki.” And it goes from there. In high-school, that babe did not love me to take her to school because she’d get upset with the lads. She’d say, “That’s my Mommy.”
VERONICA: They would all stare. They’d say, “She’s so hot, I wanna do her,” and I would say, “That’s my Mamma. Do not talk about my Mamma adore that.”

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