She is The Boss

She's The Boss

Having brought her ally Jacqueline Jolie to, Lin Boyde, now 65 years mature and sexier than ever, acquires a little action for herself in her return to our studio. Having previously played a nasty school administrator, Lin now plays a nasty boss who calls her employee in for a disciplinary encounter. He’s stumped. This chap doesn’t know what he’s done not right. He’s been on time. Done all his work. Been an exemplary employee. What’s the problem?

“It’s not that behavior,” Lin says, her breast valley popping with out a push-up under garment and a jacket that’s barely buttoned. “It’s the things I’ve heard you have been doing in the men’s room. Why do not u have a seat? I hear you’ve been wanking off in the men’s room.”

The poor lad is speechless.

“I have a question for you,” Lin says. “Why haven’t u been wanking here instead of the men’s room?”


“Oh, please don’t give me that dumb look,” Lin scolds. “You’re always checking out my breasts. You are always watching me walk. I wanna watch some of that act right here in my office.”

“Oh, fuck!”

“Oh, yep!” Lin says.

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