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Mona is a wife, Mama and grandmother from Ohio. She is in the lifestyle. That babe was referred to us by some other 40 something glamour model, Carey Riley. This 46-year-old Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK and GILF has been a swinger for eight years and a nudist for the same amount of time. Now this babe has added adult star to the list.

Fourty something: Tell us a little about the sex life of a 46-year-old female-dom living in Ohio.
MONA: I like sex. I am married and have grown children and grandchildren. I’ve a lot of allies that my partner and I swing with. I’m in the lifestyle. There is quite a dunky in number exotic dancing clubs and parties in Ohio. There’s always something to keep us busy. People have home parties. They have hotel parties, hotel takeovers.

Fourty something: How do hotel takeovers work?
MONA: Well, they have the party in the ballroom area, but everyone there’s a swinger. The rooms are all booked with swinger married couples, and we walk from room to room. It is stiff to have that kind of event if it is not a hotel takeover. I’ll tell u why. We had a party set up at a hotel that wasn’t during a takeover, and it was a underware theme. I had on a little see-through negligee outfit and had it covered up with a cute, little robe. We were in an elevator, and one of my friends asked me to watch my outfit. It was very revealing. So I opened it up and showed her right as the elevator door opened, and there happened to be a youthful religious couple right there waiting to acquire in the elevator. That’s why it’s superlatively worthwhile to do the complete hotel takeover. So you do not have to worry about that. Everyone can be in soever amount of costume they wanna be in, and they do not must worry about those unsuspecting people.

40something: What kind of toys do u have?
MONA: I’ve quite a large selection of different kinds of sex-aids. I have the restraints and the masks, costumes, whips.

40 something: If you have all these toys you probably like to masturbate.
MONA: Oh yes. I adore to masturbate. I can make myself squirt.

40 something: How many times a day do you masturbate?
MONA: A day? If I’m not working it could be numerous times, but if I’m working it’ll probably be once or twice. When I was filling out your questionnaire there was a question that asks how many times a week you’ve sex, and I put five. My husband told people weren’t intend to believe that, but it is average for me. For almost all people it’s probably two or three times a week, and for me it is about five. I like sex! I try to have it as often as possible. I have always been a very excited, sexual person.

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