Carnival Hotty

Carnival Cutie

Lives: West Virginia
Occupation: Carnival employee
Age: Twenty one
Born: January 23
Ht: 5’2″
Wt: 99 pounds
Bras: 34B
Panties: A-hole shorts
Anal: I’m still recent to it, but I am savouring it!
BJs: Drink
Masturbate: Daily!

When Kaylee said us that that babe works as a Carnival employee, we thought that she meant Carnival cruise line. We didn’t realize that this babe meant that that babe works at a “Tilt-a-whirl” and “cotton-candy” carnival.
“My kinkiest raunchy rencounter was probably in one of the carnival rides,” this babe told us. “It was one of the gravity rides that spins really fast. I was staying late, walking the grounds with one of my coworkers. For some reason I was actually lascivious that night, so I grabbed the lad and we snuck in there for some action. I wanted to give him a oral enjoyment, so I dropped to my knees. I was still inexperienced at the time, so I was nervous. That ladies man actually started fucking my face, so I went with it. That was the first time I deepthroated and got that drooly, damp fellatio spit going on. I drank his man-juice, then we rogered for, like, Fourty five minutes in advance of a manager started rogering on the side of the ride coz we were missing for so lengthy.”
Kaylee too told us that she’s into S&M, loves swallowing cum, loves horseback riding in her downtime and that that babe used to dance ballet in high-school.

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