Kay’s Impure Little Secret

Kay's Impure Little Secret

“My allies would be absolutely shocked if they knew I did porn,” told Kay DeLynn, a divorcee and–get this–investment banker from South Carolina. “I am a quiet, reserved, well-spoken experienced.”

That babe have to mean when she’s at the office because one time this babe was in our studio, there was nothing quiet or reserved about her. Although she sure was a skillful with sucking and rogering!

Kay is a Mother of two teenagers. That babe has managed day cares and worked in ad sales, and that babe says the most-fun job she ever had was being a waitress at Wobblers. Rogering in our studio might eclipse that, although that babe didn’t exactly think of it as a job.

“I like to screw as often as I can,” Kay said. “I like to masturbate by pressing my love button up against my Jacuzzi jets. I masturbate each single day, sometimes twice a day. I love when a lady-killer holds me up and ravishes me. I love most of all the buck to take charge, but if this charmer doesn’t, I will.”

Kay says this babe doesn’t know yet if this babe likes being observed whilst having sex. But then one more time, this babe is had her slit eaten in the back of a truck in a crowded parking lot. And she’s rogered on-camera for thousands of chaps to see. Widen the word.

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