A Perfectly Older Merlot

A Perfectly Maturer Merlot

It is comeback time for Katherine Merlot, a 71-year-old courtesan who has been screwing her way around the United States and Canada and took time to drop by our studio and satisfy her dream of rogering several of our bucks on-camera for the 1st time. The first boy was in his 20s. This guy, Juan, is Thirty. The age difference is large, but to Katherine, it’s not significant.

“I’ve had sex with studs in their 20s and 30’s,” that babe said. “I’ve likewise slept with chaps in their Fourtys to Sixtys. I like ’em all, but the younger sexy males are the almost all intrigued by me. After a night with me, they always leave pleasantly surprised.”

Certainly, seeing Katherine as this babe is dressed the opening shots of this scene, sexy in a spruce dress that brandishes tons of cleavage, it’s no surprise that that babe is hot in the sack. Besides, she is been an escort for over Thirty years, so she clearly knows her way around a man’s dick.

Moreover, to refresh your memory: Katherine was born in Romania and now lives in the Northeast United States (although she said us she is planning to move to South Florida). This babe has a daughter who’s in her 50’s and knows what her Mother does.

“She doesn’t necessarily assent with it, but she knows her Mamma is gonna do what that babe feels like doing,” Katherine told.

And what her Mamma feels adore doing is rogering younger dudes on-camera. Sounds fine to us.

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