Granny gets ass-fucked

Granny receives ass-fucked

“I love butt slam,” told Caroline Hamsel, a 62-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother from the United Realm.

And today, Caroline receives what that babe wants: a bigger in size than run of the mill, corpulent weenie up her constricted asshole…a granny asshole that is been primed by a booty plug. By the way, the boy rogering her booty and cumming all over her anus is almost young sufficient to be her grandson. This chap isn’t her grandson. Of course this guy isn’t. But we just thought u might love to know just how youthful this guy is.

60Plus MILFs:
Would the people who know you, besides your husband, be surprised to see you here?
Caroline: The people I know would definitely be surprised to watch me here. My family and almost all of my allies don’t know what I do.

60Plus MILFs: Are you changing sexually as you’re getting older?
Caroline: Definitely. I am becoming more sexually confident. I have been with a lot of younger guys, some as young as Nineteen. I like their energy and stiff dicks, and they seem to love me, which is very wonderful.

60Plus MILFs: Why would not they like you? You are glamourous and sexy and u bring experience to the bedroom, all precious things.
Caroline: Well, I have a lot of sex, sometimes 15 or 20 times a week, including with my partner, so I am getting even more experience. There are not tons of women my age I know who have sex as much as I do. They don’t know what they’re missing. I’m finding that I am becoming hornier and more-sexual as I get maturer. My boyfriend can’t keep up with me!

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