Getting To Know Eve Bannon

Getting To Know Eve Bannon

Now let’s acquire up-close-and-personal with Eve Bannon, a 51-year-old office manager from Nevada

“I try to take care of my body,” she says. “I’m working out a little bit more now, and it is all good. It’s healthy!”

Eve is a soft-spoken domme who isn’t in-your-face with her sexuality but, nonetheless, comes across as highly fleshly. The interviewer asks her if she’s a wild lady and this babe says, “Not in public. Generally I am gorgeous conservative. I can sport a business suit just like anybody else can.”

And a couple of seamed stockings love that babe is wearing here.

“They’re feminine,” she says. “They’re a little retro, and it just gives a little bit of a line to your leg. It lets your eyes chase upward…or downward.”

“I adore to cook. I adore to entertain,” she says. “Hobbywise, I like to read. I adore household and domestic things, and I am a commonplace angel. I like to shop and get my nails done. Anything girlie is admirable to me. I like to hike. I just think there is so much in life to savour.”

Savour Eve. There is lots more of her to come.

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