Face-painting 101

Face-painting 101

In this scene, 43-year-old Diandra is the art instructor and Pike is her teacher. At first, Pike doesn’t realize that Diandra is standing behind him, checking out his drawing of a naked female who bears a tiny resemblance to Diandra.

“Checking out your drawing,” Diandra tells him. “Looks a little mechanical.”

That babe points out the problems with his drawing. In all honesty, it looks to us like something some high schooler would draw. It’s pure crap. But Diandra doesn’t believe in tough adore. This babe makes no doubt of in constructive criticism. Anyway, that babe wants his schlong.

“You’ve been doing tons of still life this past year,” she tells him. “Maybe I could adult model for you. There is nobody here, and nobody would know.”

So, Diandra takes off her top. Yeah, really, her wobblers do resemble the mounds in the drawing. That stud helps her out of her top. Then this smooth operator helps her without her pants. Then this lady-killer helps himself to her petite, firm bra-busters and this babe helps herself to his shlong. Then this ladies man helps himself to her pussy. Then that lady-killer paints her face with his cum.

Some background on Diandra: She is 5’2″ and weighs approximately 105 pounds. She was born in Ohio and lives in Virginia. She has been a trip agent, a graphic designer and a fitness tutor. Now she is trying to be a porn star. And succeeding.

“My sexual dream is to lose myself in the whole intensive and non-stop raunchy experience on a boat or someplace that’s really astonishing that’s out in nature,” Diandra told.

In other words, she wishes to copulate out side. We’re charming sure she could make that happen.

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