Carrie Ann’s 1st on-camera shag film

Carrie Ann's 1st on-camera copulate film

“I like to suit carefree, like an archetypical soccer Mommy,” said Carrie Ann, a 47-year-old soccer Mother from Kentucky.

When this scene opens, Carrie Ann is dressed a lot sexier than that. She’s wearing a tight suit that hugs her little body and reveals off her very admirable back, also. And why is Carrie Ann dressed adore this for a normal visit from Sean, who’s supposedly there to fix her not-broken lightbulb?

“I desire some shlong,” this babe says, shoving him down onto the daybed.

So the woman obviously knows how to dress for the occasion. In this case, the occasion is her first on-camera screw clip. It goes very well, which isn’t surprising. Carrie Ann was very concupiscent when this babe came to our studio. This babe hadn’t had sex in months, make almost certainly of it or not. Hey, sometimes the each single day chores of life click here the way.

We asked Carrie Ann if this babe likes being watched during the time that having sex.

“Yes, I like to display off my body,” that babe said.

It’s a very worthy body. Carrie Ann is 5’2″ and weighs about 125 pounds, and she’s in great shape. And she’s very much into the screwing that is going on here. At times, it appears to be as if she forgets the camera is there and we’re watching two real people having sex.

Which, of course, we are. That’s the ravisher of Almost all of our ladies aren’t sex stars. They’re women-next-door doing something they’ve fantasized about and have not at any time done before.

But here’s the thing: There’s obviously a lot more to Carrie Ann than we’re seeing cuz when we asked her if that babe has ever had sex with some other female-dom, she told yeah, and when we asked her about her raunchy dream, that babe said, “I’d like to be tied up and submit to a stylish smooth operator,” and when we asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to watch her here, that babe told, “No.”

So there.

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