A boyfriend’s revenge

A boyfriend's revenge

Those photos were sent in by the lad who took them; not the cutie who posed. This fellow had reasons for sending them in and we sympathized with him and decided to publish them. Bottom line is that you receive to view a 20-year-old student. “I’m a scholar, also,” wrote Jeff from Gainesville, Florida. “I’m a year old than Janessa. We dated for about a year. I spent bookoo fellows on her and even got a job at a pizza place to have the cash to do it. I paid for a journey to Cancun. We had merely been back for 2 days when she dumped me for a gent with a brand recent Mustang GT. I had taken these pictures for her to send in, but that babe not at any time got around to it. So I am made water at the gold-digging bitch. When we were out, about the merely time this babe talked to me was when this babe wanted a gulp or a meal. That babe used to receive voided urine when I worked at the pizza place to make cash to take her out. You’d think a hot-looking cutie love this would be sexy in couch, would not you? Not correct!”

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